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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Balling Gesche by Feldman

This copy finished by Danielle Feldman 2006

Carlee Balling warmblood foal sculpture "Gesche" painted a dark bay appaloosa by Danielle Feldman. This paintwork done in 2006, I suspect this is painted over an older paintjob as only 5 in this edition were released unpainted, and I think those 5 ended up finished by Carlee (except for the one I have--I painted her)

This resin was created in 1997 by Carlee and was sold as a run of 50, mostly painted by Tom Bainbridge. Carlee reserved 5 copies for people who had expressed interest in the horse prior to it being cast. I got one, Kate Cabot got one (Carlee painted this one), Leslie Phelps got one, and I forget who got the other two.

This foal has been shown as an appaloosa sport horse named "Wap's Baby Doll"

Ephemera: ROM certificate in AR Sport Foal

"Gesche" sculpted by Carlee Balling, 1997

Rose Jezebel by Prosser

Finished by Sommer Prosser 2010

Sarah Rose "Jezebel" painted bay with blaze and two socks on front legs by Sommer Prosser, finished 2010.

Purchased at the Artisan's Gallery at Breyerfest 2010. Shown under the name Sadira (a Persian name meaning a prominent point in a valley)

"Jezebel" sculpted by Sarah Rose

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rose Working Girl by Prosser

"Working Girl" sculpted by Sarah Rose

Mini scale "Working Girl" resin by Sarah Rose, painted to a light dappled palomino with a thin blaze, RF sock and RH stocking by Sommer Prosser. She was finished and shown by Sommer in 2009. She shows under the name "Roxanne" (a play on the term "working girl" and the song by the Police)

I purchased her in the Artisan's Gallery after NAN 2010.

Ephemera: Came with her Top Ten ribbons for Breed and Workmanship from the 2010 NAN, a couple NAN cards, and a Reserve Champion plaque for Workmanship (SM/LB Dilutes)

Finished by Sommer Prosser 2009

Kirsten Wellman CM Classic Man O War

Created by Kirsten Wellman in 2010

Unnamed CM Breyer Classic Man O War. Repainted to leopard appaloosa by Kirsten Wellman in 2010 for the Flying Heart Fundraiser. He is signed by her on his belly.

Shown as an Appaloosa Sport Horse gelding. Once he gets a name.

Purchased from My Auction Barn in July 2010 for $96.

Repainted Classic scale Man O War

G2 Stablemate Rearing Arabian #711210 "Oscar"

"Oscar" Breyerfest 2010 One Day Gate Horse

G2 Stablemate Rearing Arabian #711210 "Oscar" Black with a blaze and white chest, meant to simulate a tuxedo. This was one of the one day ticket horses available at this year's Breyerfest. He was available Sunday morning in the store for $20. A Breyer employee advised me that "Emmy," the other one day horse could be had at the gate until they closed at 3, and the price was the same.

Stablemate Breyer-Reeves copyright stamp.

Condition: 4

Ephemera: came packed in a red velvet bag with gold Breyer logo, and a small information card.

Item #711210

Roxy #715 "Bet Yer Blue Boons"

Roxy #715 "Bet Yer Blue Boons"

Roxy #715 "Bet Yer Blue Boons" Strawberry roan (roan on chestnut basecoat) with blaze, RF sock and LH sock. Brand (painted on) on L hip. Marked "VIN SEP 09" on bottom of RF hoof. Regular run, produced 2009-

Circle Breyer-Reeves logo


Ephemera: info card from box back

Regular Run, 2009-

Rejoice #711110 "All Glory"

2010 Breyerfest Celebration Horse

Rejoice #711110 "All Glory" solid bay with star. Model has been altered to be a gelding (was a mare) BreyerFest 2010 Celebration Model.

Circle Breyer-Reeve logo, marked in gold on belly "BreyerFest 2010 Celebration Model"

Condition: 3 (mark on barrel)

Ephemera: box back information card.

Rejoice #711110 "All Glory"

Newsworthy #712014 "Silver Medalist"

Special Run, fall 2008, 350 made

Newsworthy #712014 "Silver Medalist" metallic silver with white points. Circle Breyer-Reeves logo/ Produced fall of 2008, one of 350.

This pony was also produced in a gold and bronze version, 350 of each color. They were given to dealers who ordered a certain amount of merchandise. Dealers could then sell the ponies. Ponies were initially offered at $300 or more, but did not prove very popular at that price. I picked this one up in the Breyer store at the 2010 Breyerfest for $70. The gold and bronze ones were $75, and there were still many of each color left on Sunday. There were mostly silvers, then bronze, then gold.

Condition: 3+

Ephemera: information card from box

Newsworthy #712014 "Silver Medalist Pony"

Outstanding commissions

So I do not lose track of it, these are my outstanding commissions:

In progress:

Micro Night Heather with C. Riley

Pending deals, waiting on something or another:

Iaret by Danelle Gatcombe. Horse paid for and here, I need to prep and send to Danelle.

Quartermaster with Steph Michaud, need to ship her the horse!!!!


CMG Daffyd, broken hind leg and tail. Seeking restorer.

Want List

  • Breyer Rising Sun
  • Wimpys Little Chick, Breyer WEG palomino Roxy
  • Breyer Tortuga
  • Woodgrains I don't have
  • Breyer Palomino Lady Phase, 1995 Judge Model version
  • Pour Horse Owynn, bay and grey
  • HR Sepse Violette
  • HR Roan Lady

Unpainted Resin Collection

  • AA Arab Mare Relaxing
  • AA Boxing Shire
  • AA Dauntless
  • AA Exmoor
  • AA Flying Fresian
  • Alphabet Bashkir
  • Balling Hen
  • Balling Mini Standing Morgan
  • Deputed Duke
  • Dinky Duke (2)
  • Flitwick
  • Hairy Finn
  • Hana (cat)
  • Iaret
  • Kaltix
  • Kipling
  • Lancelot
  • Little Man Mango
  • Marshall (Harris)
  • Mini Cromwell
  • Mini Fabrizio
  • Moose Medallion (3)
  • Morsel
  • Morsel Redux
  • Napoleon (cat)
  • Netsky
  • Oliver
  • Parrs Dream Doll
  • Patches (cat)
  • Pixie (bisque)
  • Poudre
  • Ratrod
  • Rising Hopes (prepped)
  • Ruah
  • Sweet Lullabye
  • VToo
  • Vata
  • Vegas Medallion


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