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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ideal American Quarter Horse #497

Ideal American Quarter Horse #497 Solid chestnut

"Offspring of Wimpy P-1" Produced 1995

Ephemera: AQHA Registration certificate, which was never filled out.

Condition: 3+

Huckleberry Bey #472 "Huckleberry Bey"

Huckleberry Bey #472 "Huckleberry Bey" shaded bay. Left front and right hind socks, blaze.

Produced 1999-2007

Shown as Austin Powers

Condition: 4

Monday, March 30, 2009

Huckleberry Bey #702901 "Atlantis Bey V"

Huckleberry Bey #702901 "Atlantis Bey V" Metallic red chestnut, front stockings, blaze.

2001 BreyerFest Celebration Horse, 4000 produced

Ephemera: 2 trading cards

Condition: 3+ small dark marks on left shoulder

Hanoverian #770498 Europa!

Hanoverian #770498 Europa! Glossy, dark chestnut tovero pinto, blue left eye, pinto spots resemble a map of Europe

Produced in 1998, 2500 made for Equitana USA

I won this horse in the Region X Regionals Raffle in 2008.

Condition: 3+ does not stand well.

Hanoverian #58

Hanoverian #58 solid bay

Produced 1980-1984

Shown as Pianoman

1987: ATHR point show Grnad Champ of show (Napier), ATHR Point show Grand champion of show (Napier)

Ephemera: Horse record, pedigree, ATHR registration certificate, Breeding certificate, Stallion record, show record.

condition: 3+ tiny rubs, doesn't stand well

Hanoverian #887 "Gifted"

Hanoverian #887 "Gifted" bay with 4 high white stockings, blaze, tricolor eyes. Intended as a portriat model.

1994 Commemmorative Edition 9000 made

Condition: 3+ stands well, rub on right barrel

Hanoverian #500693 "Dressage Set of 2 Horses"

Hanoverian #500693 "Dressage Set of 2 Horses" very dark bay, left side socks

1993 Spiegel Special Run, included a Misty's Twilight in black that I do not have. 1130 produced

Condition: 3+ does not stand well

Hanoverian #710595 "Art Deco"

Hanoverian #710595 "Art Deco" black and white pinto, intended as a portriat model of the Dutch Warmblood stallion.

1995 Special Run for JC Penney 7,300 made

Condition: 4 stands fairly well

Hanoverian #715963 "International Equestrian Collector's Set"

Hanoverian #715963 "International Equestrian Collector's Set" dark steel grey, with lighter resist dapples, black points.

1989 JC Penney Special Run, set included flea bitten grey Halla and red bay Morgenglanz. 3500 sets made.

Shown as Stormfront
Ephemera: Horse record and pedigree.

Condition: 3+ ear tips rubs Does not stand well.

Halla #63 "Halla"

Halla #63 "Halla" bay with star

Produced 1977-1985

Shown as My Turn

Ephemera: Horse record, Pedigree, Breeding certificate, registration certificates for ATHR and NAMTR, foaling record, show record.

Condition: 4

Halla #715963 "International Equestrian Collectors Set"

Halla #715963 "International Equestrian Collectors Set" flea bitten grey.

1989 JC Penney Special Run included a dark grey Hanoverian and a red bay Morgenglanz. 3500 sets produced

Shown as Ballet Dancer

Ephemera: Horse record, Breeding certificate with pedigree.

Condition: 4

Halflinger # 156

Halflinger # 156 chestnut with lighter mane and tail.

Produced 1979-1984

Condition: 2+ many tiny rubs

Hackney #496 "Aristocrat"

Hackney #496 "Aristocrat" red bay with 4 socks

Produced 1995-1996

Ephemera: hang tag


Hackney #703596 "Giltedge"

Hackney #703596 "Giltedge" Gold Florentine.

1996 Special Run set "Horsepower" came with a Corgi "Breyer" truck. 4500 sets produced. This is the "gold lace" variant of the horse. I have the box and truck.

Ephemera: COA from JAH

Condition: 4

Grazing Mare #141 "Buttons"

Grazing Mare #141 "Buttons" Bay with bald face

Produced 1961-1980

Condition: 2+ ear tip rubs, rubs on hips and R barrel

Grazing Mare #142 "Buttons"

Grazing Mare #142 "Buttons" black

Produced 1961-1971

Purchased from Laura Hornick-Behning in the 90's for about $90 (assuming I recall correctly--she was my first internet transaction!)

Condition: 3 Mild yellowing

Grazing Mare #143 "Buttons"

Grazing Mare #143 "Buttons" palomino

Produced 1961-1980. The darker color of this mare suggests she is from earlier in the run.

Condition: 2+ obvious rubs

Grazing Mare #494155 "Mare and Foal Set"

Grazing Mare #494155 "Mare and Foal Set" red bay blanket appaloosa

1989-1990 Special Run for Sears, came with a leopard Appaloosa Nursing Foal, approximately 11,000 sets made.

Condition: 3+ some minor rubs

Grazing Foal #151 "Bows"

Grazing Foal #151 "Bows" bay

Produced 1964-1981

Shown as Good Vibes

Ephemera: Breeding certificate

Condition: 2+ large rub on back

Grazing Foal #152 "Bows"

Grazing Foal #152 "Bows" black

Produced 1964-1970

This foal was my Holy Grail when I went to Breyerfest for the first time in 1995. I didn't think I would see one, and I found 3. This one was in the best shape AND least expensive.

Condition: 3

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grazing Foal #153 "Bows"

Grazing Foal #153 "Bows" palomino

Produced 1964-1981

Shown as Starburst

Ephemera: ATHR and NAMTR registration certificates, Breeding certificate, show record

Condition: 2+ rubs

Gem Twist #495 "Gem Twist"

Gem Twist #495 "Gem Twist" white, grey shading and red braids

Produced 1993-1995, this is the 39 braid version

Shown as With Honors

Ephemera: hang tag

Condition: 3+

Galiceno #100

Galiceno #100 solid bay, no markings

Produced 1978-1982

Shown as Canta.

Ephemera: Horse record, show record

Condition: 2+ fairly banged up ears, other small scuffs/rubs

Fury Prancer #P43

Fury Prancer #P43 gloss palomino with brown saddle

Produced 1956-1960, has original reins and snap saddle

Condition: 3 rubs on left gaskin

Fury Prancer #P40


Fury Prancer #P40 plum brown with black snap saddle

Produced 1954-1958 Purchased at Breyerfest for $55

Condition: 3 some small rubs


Fresian #711101 "Fire Magic"

Fresian #711101 "Fire Magic" brown chestnut, eye whites

2005 Breyerfest Celebration Horse. I received this model as part of my compensation for volunteering at the 2005 Breyerfest.

Ephemera: torn ticket for pickup and a trading card

Condition: 4

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